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Check These Specific Things When You Rent A Guitar Before Buying It

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When you have your eye on a specific guitar at your local music shop but you aren't 100 percent certain if it's the right one for you, playing it at the store is always a good idea. You may also wish to see if the guitar store has a rental department; in many cases, you'll be able to rent the same type of guitar that you're looking to buy from a place like DeVoe's Music. This will allow you to enjoy the instrument for a few days in your own environment and work on deciding whether you want to buy the guitar. Here are some suggestions of specific things to evaluate on the rental instrument to help you make up your mind.


Playability is a general term for guitar players that simply relates to the ease with which you can play a specific instrument. As you spend some time playing the guitar, consider how comfortable it is. For example, some models have contoured bodies that fit snugly against your torso and are easy to cradle in your arms, while others have sharper corners that may look nice but may not be as comfortable as you'd hope. Consider, too, how quickly your hands get fatigued. For example, a guitar with a thicker neck may be challenging for players with smaller hands, thus leading to fatigue in a short amount of time.

Staying In Tune

Some guitars stay in tune better than others. A wide range of factors, including the cost of the instrument and the specific design of the tuners, can play a role in this area. It's ideal to test out a guitar by renting it to see how well it stays in tune. A guitar that doesn't hold its tune well will cause you to constantly be making tuning changes, which can be frustrating when you're a beginner who finds tuning the instrument challenging or a veteran player who is relying on the instrument to stay in tune on stage. If you find that your rented instrument stays in tune for much of the rental period, it's a good sign.

Compatibility With Your Amp

If you're renting an electric guitar or even an acoustic guitar with a built-in pickup, it's ideal to assess how the instrument sounds with your amplifier. In general, any amp will amplify any guitar, but some guitars pair better with certain amps. For example, if you'll be playing jazz music, a semi-hollow body guitar goes well with the warmth of a tube amp. If you're playing metal, a solid-body guitar often pairs well with a high-gain solid-state amp.