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Buy These Items to Strengthen Your Hands for Playing Guitar

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Strong hands won't automatically make you a good guitar player, but if you're already adept with your instrument, strengthening your hands and fingers can allow you to play with more ease and fend off fatigue. You don't need to head to the gym and attempt to lift weights to strengthen this part of your body. Instead, the next time you visit your local music shop to buy new guitar strings or browse the other accessories, take a moment to peruse the tools that can be used to strengthen players' hands and fingers. Many music accessories stores sell a number of different products that you can use for this purpose. Here are some examples.

Foam Ball

Small foam balls are commonly sold at music accessories stores to strengthen customers' hands and fingers for playing guitar. These balls are essentially the same as what are commonly known as "stress balls." They're made of dense foam that can be compressed when you squeeze tightly. These balls are desirable because they're generally inexpensive. This means that you can buy a few of them and keep one in your vehicle, on your desk at work, and in the room that you watch TV. You can then grab a ball when you want to and squeeze it for several minutes with each hand.

Finger Strengthener

A finger strengthener can have a variety of trademarked names, but there are several companies that produce devices with a similar design. This device typically consists of four spring-loaded plastic pads. You place your hand over the device with your four fingers atop each of the pads, and then squeeze down. The spring below each pad provides resistance, which can help you build up strength in both hands and all of your fingers. These devices are highly portable; you can carry one in your pocket or purse and slip another into your guitar case to help strengthen your fingers when you're not actually playing your instrument.

Squeezing Tool

You can find squeezing tools for strengthening your hands at a number of retailers, including athletic stores. But, this V-shaped hand strengthener is also commonly found at music accessories stores. This device consists of two foam-covered pieces that you place in your fingers and against the base of your thumb. The foam-covered pieces are joined with a heavy spring that flexes when you open and close your hand. This device is bulkier than the above devices, and often has more resistance to provide an enhanced challenge.

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