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Hitting A Roadblock In Your Recording Session? Here Are Some Ways To Improve Your Creativity

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Whether you're a singer or you play an instrument, one of the biggest challenges that you can face in a recording studio is feeling stuck or otherwise uninspired. This can quickly make you feel stressed, given that you're paying for the studio time. Whether you're not happy with a certain part of a song or you're just struggling to produce a sound that's a little different, it can be helpful to use some different techniques to help enhance your creativity. Taking a bit of time for these strategies can help restore your creativity and help you be pleased with your recording.

Do Some Exercise

It's helpful to put your microphone or instrument down and completely separate yourself from the recording process, rather than continue to try to force it. Exercise is an effective way to enhance your creativity. Take a walk through the halls of the recording studio, run up and down the stairs if it's a multilevel building, try some yoga or jumping jacks, or go outside and walk around the parking lot a few times. You don't need to think about what you're trying to record as you exercise; just let your mind relax, change your scenery, and then see how you feel when you get back to business.

Rest And Think Of Nothing

There's a reason that many recording studios are furnished with comfy couches and chairs — many people enjoy resting between takes and allowing their creativity to get bolstered. It can be helpful to lie down for a short rest; you can let yourself fall asleep or just try to breathe in and out deeply and forget about the recording process. Sometimes, listening to classical music can promote creativity, or just simply give your mind something different to focus on instead of consistently struggling to achieve the sound that you want.

Try Some Art

Packing some colored pencils or markers and a few blank pieces of paper with your gear before you head to the recording studio will provide you with a valuable tool to bolster your creativity. When you find yourself stuck in a rut, find a comfortable spot to sit and try some art. Don't try to specifically draw an image — instead, just let the pencils or markers move around the page in an abstract manner. This process can be a bit like meditation, which can help to relax and clear your mind, and hopefully allow your creativity to come back.

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